The Walking Code

Science Reveals Weird, But Stunning Proof: You’re either attracting women or openly inviting the next rude soon as you walk into the room.

100% automatic attraction system draws sexually-charged cuties like a super-magnet...all with just a few simple tweaks to how you walk

There’s something in the way she moves

The next time a woman catches your eye, take notice of how much her movement has to do with it.

A sexy woman’s hips sway and her legs flow when she walks, causing every man’s head to turn. You’re compelled to notice her without even thinking about it…and your eyes are locked onto her.

Boom…your primal instincts are triggered, even if she’s not the most beautiful woman in the room.

Meanwhile, there are also beautiful women who do nothing for you sexually, all because their bodies don’t move well. For example, a woman who plods along or is hunched over ruins everything for herself.

Women who walk like a man are even less attractive. But women with that smooth, fluid, almost feline hip motion make us want them, don’t they?

But here’s the most shocking part of all. Women respond even more powerfully to how we move than we respond to how they move.

Think of it as the ultimate first impression. A woman will notice how you move and make an instant, unconscious assessment of your sexual attractiveness based on that alone.

The tragic part is that most men never stand a chance. They’ve been rejected before they ever even talk to her.

If it seems like women constantly ignore you, the world doesn’t have to be that way.

And if you’ve been led to believe that only other guys get the hottest women, the truth is you’re one step away from the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Get your walk and your movement right and women will be so hot for you that they lose control.

Animalistic? Even downright primal?

Absolutely…but this is our genetic programming. As men we’re designed to attract women naturally, even effortlessly.

It all adds up to one conclusive truth: You’ve got to get this handled.

Why women care more about how you move than what you say

What you’ve suspected all along is true: attraction is hard-wired to a woman’s senses. She responds sexually to a man who sends all the right messages…projecting the irresistible aura of raw, unmistakable masculinity.

What’s astonishing is the most powerful signals you can send are completely non-verbal. You don’t need to be a smooth talker, having all the right words at the right time.

And you certainly don’t have be rich, tall, famous or a musclebound stud.

Everything a woman wants and needs to know is sub-communicated by how you move.

Most men spend countless hours working on how to approach women and what to say to them, but the die has been cast as soon as you walk into the room. She’s attracted within a mere five seconds…or she’s not.

Attraction may be hard-coded, but the way to spark it isn’t. You can do this.

Unfortunately, most guys are tense, lack presence and ooze insecurity. Meanwhile, the power of a man who moves with a certain dignity and confidence cannot be underestimated.

Hollywood leading men always get the girl. They move with a precise rhythm, dictating and controlling the vibe. Consider how smooth James Bond is. It comes off as natural, but there’s no doubt about it: it’s intentional, all the way. And it’s a skill you absolutely can (and must) acquire.

Tragically, most guys are going down the wrong path.

The crazy part is if you’re not attracting women the way you know you should, it’s probably not even your fault.

The routines you are doing at the gym and the way you go through your work day could be killing your chances. Perhaps ironically, today’s post-modern lifestyle has led to a pandemic rise in undesirable traits relating to movement and stature.

Yet until now, there hasn’t been a pro-active, intentional way to stop that from happening to you.


  • Women Will Notice You And Smile At You...Even If They Never Have Before
  • Your Confidence Will Skyrocket As Women Give You Clearer Attraction Signals
  • Women Will Approach You First...So Be Ready To Expect Anything
  • You'll Transition Effortlessly To Getting Physical...She May Even Initiate It Herself
  • You'll Get Out Of The "Just Be Friends" Zone...And Stay Out
  • What's Included In The Walking Code

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    Women Will Appreciate You More...Instantly

    I've got to thank you for your program. It really has given me great results for the vibe I radiate when I'm out in public. I just feel more vital and aware.John (Plymouth, MA)

    So what’s the big deal? Why are these ideas so groundbreaking?

    A woman’s attraction mechanism–and all her urges that go with it–run automatically. At first that may sound complicated and mysterious, perhaps even overwhelming.

    But if women themselves can’t fully explain how or why they find a certain man attractive or not, science can.

    The Walking Code conquers the science of attraction and converts it to fast, easy, “done for you” exercises that re-wire your musculoskeletal system from the inside out.

    Transform how you move and you’re instantly more attractive to women. It’s in how you walk. How you enter a room. How you own that room.

    100% automatic attraction system

    Best of all, there’s nothing to learn and nothing to memorize. The Walking Code sets your physique on auto-pilot, switching on your most authentically attractive self without you ever having to think about it.

    “But what if I’m not good looking or I’m overweight?”

    Movement in and of itself is sexy for women. This is the key…even though few, if any men realize it. That can only mean your physical looks matter far less than you think.

    It’s also not about money, fame, the clothes you wear or anything else society has brainwashed us into believing women are attracted to.

    Remember…You have objective proof right before your very eyes

    Have you ever seen a woman who isn’t classically beautiful, but she’s so sexy you’ve got to have her? Sure. Every one of us has. Were you to objectively examine what’s turning you on, it would be her feminine motion.

    How About Scientific Proof? Consider The “Dance Of Attraction”

    Yes, there are conclusive studies that say movement is integrally linked to sexual attraction. Take, for example, research by Professor Nikolaus Troje of Queen’s College.

    But the truth gets even more fascinating when we study the “dance of attraction”…quite literally. Consider the research of Peter Lovatt at the University of Herfordshire. In his 2010 article for Psychology Today, he writes the following:

    “Darwin thought that dance was part of the mate selection process, and more recently two groups of researchers (Brown et al, 2005 and Fink et al, 2007) have suggested that the way we dance might be influenced by our hormonal and genetic make up, such that we use dance to communicate the quality of our genes to potential mates. In my own lab I have observed similar findings.”

    “Dancing in the animal kingdom shows off health, fitness and skill and it is the same on the dance floor”, says Dr. Nick Neave, the lead author of a scholarly paper at University of Northumbria. “It’s all about body movement. Tilting forward, backwards, left and right and twisting around. It is all about big movements and variation.”

    Even the Discovery Channel has researched the link between walking and sex appeal, concluding that both men and women walk differently when told they’re being measured for sexual attractiveness.

    But little did they know that sexually attractive movement is not actually a conscious decision. Rather, it’s a matter of reprogramming your physique at the musculoskeletal level. That’s why The Walking Code is your “killer app”, giving you an unbeatable advantage over other men.


    Getting Women To Notice You And Approach You First Is Incredible…But There Are Even More Life-Changing Benefits

    Do you suffer from pain in the lower back? Are you knees feeling “old”?

    Guess what? Even though doctors often try to treat lower back and knee issues directly, the real problem is almost always in the hips.

    Even your “beer belly” may have more to do with your hips than you think.

    And worst of all…when your hips are restricted, blood flow is restricted in that area. That’s a major reason why so many men experience the humiliation of erectile dysfunction, even at a young age. Sexual sensitivity and stamina are even affected.

    Amazingly, it isn’t that you’re getting old before your time. It’s that your physique needs regular maintenance, just like any other well-oiled machine.

    What The Walking Code does is loosen your hips naturally, while bringing your rib cage, hips and feet into alignment.

    Driving a car that’s out of alignment leads to uneven tire wear and other mechanical problems. Similarly, walking around in a misaligned body leads to a host of physical maladies.

    Obviously, this inhibits you from experiencing peak performance, robs you of your best years and may even shorten your life.


    If you work a job that involves sitting for long periods of time, say at a desk or behind the wheel, that’s the first major trouble spot.

    Consider sitting the enemy to both your physical health and sexual attraction. Sitting locks up your hips, strains your natural alignment and even trains your back to push your belly out unnaturally.

    Second, the strength training you’re doing at the gym may also be pulling your body out of alignment.

    Sure, you’re getting bigger and stronger, but the constant series of repeated, isolated movements is likely causing your overall physical symmetry to get out of whack.

    Since symmetry is a major linchpin of fluid, sexually attractive movement, you can understand the collateral damage that is done.

    And the clincher? If you’re consciously trying to straighten your posture, shift your shoulders back or walk with a “swagger”, all you’re doing is camouflaging the deeper problem…and women detect that inauthenticity in a heartbeat.

    Just like attempting to drive that car that’s out of alignment, you just can’t manhandle your body into submission. The Walking Code’s brief, simple exercises pull your physique into real, symmetrical alignment from the top down.

    The result? You will gain a flatter stomach while almost immediately eliminating pain in your knees, lower back and elsewhere.

    Your sexual performance and “staying power” will improve almost overnight.

    You may gain as much as two full inches in height.

    But what’s more, you’ll also completely eradicate the pain of rejection by women. Since you’re naturally more attractive, they’ll respond to you in a fun, playful, flirtatious way that will transform your sex life forever.

    Who Is The Mad Scientist Behind The Walking Code?

    James Knight is one of the world’s foremost experts on human kinesiology

    …especially as it relates to sports and physical attraction.

    He is now a high-dollar coach for high-end professional athletes who demand world-class results regardless of price.

    Now, James reveals all of his latest and most coveted secrets in The Walking Code.

    Now, along with fellow expert James Knight, Rob reveals all of his latest and most coveted secrets in The Walking Code.

    James Knight, Author Of The Walking Code


  • Physical changes happen within seconds of trying the first exercise…you'll feel the difference instantly
  • All exercises reprogram your mind and your physique for effortless attraction
  • Your posture and movement will improve'll literally feel your skeletal/muscular structure rise to the occasion
  • You'll never have to consciously think about how you move…once the system is "installed", set it and forget it
  • Mini-assessments let you monitor (and celebrate) your transformation on a daily basis...starting on Day One
  • Women will perk up and see the difference from your very first session...guaranteed

  • 4 Complete, Ready-Made Programs For You That Are Easy To Follow
  • 11 System Instructional Videos
  • 21 Exercise Instructional Videos
  • 21 Follow-Along Video Exercises
  • The Complete Library Of All Mobilization, Control, Strength And Integration Exercises
  • All 3 Extra Bonus Audios
  • 100% Digital Delivery For Fast, Constant Access...No Scratched Or Lost Discs
  • What's Included In The Walking Code

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    The steps are simple and the results are immediate.

    There are no routines to remember once you’re in front a woman, nothing to memorize, not a word to saynothing you even have to do. Simply be the man you were born to be.

    This is your ultimate “life hack” for attracting women. The Walking Code reveals how to harness the power of real, consistently proven physical science of attractive movement.

    Incredibly, this gives you a direct biological, physiological link to female attraction sensors.

    Suddenly, you’ve casually sidestepped all the social factors that influence attraction and gone directly to the biological source of any woman’s attraction mechanism.

    Walk like a man. Walk tall. Walk the way you want to walk. Walk in a way women not only notice, but they cannot forget.

    Get full access today…success is 100% guaranteed.

    Once you order The Walking Code you’ll get full and unrestricted access to the wealth of videos and other course materials. It’s all found in a password protected, state-of-the-art Member’s Portal.

    Plus, just like all other X & Y Communications programs The Walking Code is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for a full 365 days. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.


    100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

    For over a decade–since the very first day our doors opened back in 2005–all X & Y Communications programs have been protected by our 100%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Following that steadfast tradition, we proudly stand by The Walking Code.

    One of the reasons why welcoming James Knight to the X & Y Communications team was such a thrill is because he is known worldwide as a man of integrity and character.

    He has earned the trust of high-profile clients all over the world. Now all of the powerful methods and secrets he has taught in his high-dollar private sessions are yours in The Walking Code. Results are guaranteed because what he teaches has been field-proven time and again.

    Also, you are backed by one of the most consistently acclaimed and trusted customer service teams in the field of men’s dating advice and self-improvement. Expect direct, courteous, no-nonsense answers to your queries within 24 hours. We’re at your service around the clock.

    Your transaction is also fully secure, allowing you to relax, enjoy the program and expect powerful, measurable results.


    Not attracting the women you really want?  The “hidden detractor” that’s been holding you back is likely how you walk.  Unchecked, this pandemic problem also leads to knee and back pain, premature aging, poor job performance and even lack of sexual stamina.

    Extra Bonus 1

    BONUS #1: Attracting And Captivating Women ($27 Value)

    In this audio you’ll discover practical steps designed to instantly improve the aura of your physical presence. Women can’t help but notice you…locking eyes with you and smiling. From now on, they’ll be magnetically compelled to come nearer to you, talk to you and even touch you. Incredibly, the less effort you put forth the better. You’ll even get a genius (and completely original) way to get whole groups of women to approach you at bars and clubs.

    Extra Bonus 2

    BONUS #2: How To Beat The Aging Process ($27 Value)

    In this fluff-free audio, you’ll learn how to get rid of body pain, especially in the knees and lower back. Fight back against getting older and slower in the exact same way that has helped NBA big men like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Tim Duncan play at a high level into their 40s. Empower yourself for a lifetime of improved joint functionality and overall mobility…starting with a golden secret learned directly from Michael Jordan’s personal trainer.

    Extra Bonus 3

    BONUS #3: High-Performance Manhood ($27 Value)

    find out how to dramatically increase your energy output and operating efficiency in all aspects of life. Whether it’s the playing field, the boardroom or even the bedroom; you get real, actionable steps for being the most powerful, influential version of yourself that all women love. Stay injury free no matter how hard you push yourself. Best of all, wait until you hear the incredible key to giving women multiple, mindblowing orgasms without really trying.

    What's Included In The Walking Code

    $48.50 (50% Off Special)

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    "So...Are There Any Other Benefits To All Of This?"

  • Complete body symmetry attracts women to you at the primal, animalistic level...even when you're just standing there.
  • Looser, more flexible hips...instantly making you better on the dance floor, which women love. Importantly, it won't matter whether you've had dance lessons or not.
  • Your hips pull your upper body into order, dramatically improving your whole stature. This maximizes your presence, earns you respect AND increases your sexual attractiveness.
  • Because your stature naturally straightens your height may increase measurably. This is the fastest and easiest way to grow taller.
  • More symmetrical and flexible hips mean healthier hip joints for a lifetime. This is crucial to how mobile and active you'll be in later years, yet most people's hips break down pre-maturely.
  • Eliminate pain in the knees and lower back...two of the biggest problem areas for men.
  • Your abdominal wall gets "switched on", reversing problems caused by sitting at a desk all day. This improves your overall health and well-being immediately.
  • Smoother, more fluid body motion when you're playing sports. Imagine the impact on your game...whether it's golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, cycling or even motocross. (Remember, James's "day job" is mostly helping big-name pro athletes perform at a higher level.)
  • Your breathing functionality improves, increasing your cardio-vascular health and performance (and again, making you instantly better in your athletic endeavors).
  • Best of all, improved symmetry, flexibility and body motion along with less pain and greater cardio-vascular performance make you a hero in the bedroom like never before.
  • What's Included In The Walking Code

    $48.50 (50% Off Special)

    Click Here To Add To Cart

    Take Three Months To Pay

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    Very special, very unusual and I think very insightful.

    The more I listened to him talk, the more I realized he knows things most of us guys would want to know about becoming more attractive to women.

    This is pure gold.David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating)

    Feel The Power

    Set the non-verbal part of communication and attraction on auto-pilot

    You’re about to discover nature’s most powerfully attractive ways to signal to women that you’re the man they crave…all without having to utter a single word.

    It all starts with how you walk.

    As humans, we move from point A to B by walking. It is the most primitive movement pattern and it has been with us ever since our evolution.

    Women watch you walk all the time and are able to detect every message you are expressing through your movement, even if unconsciously.

    That means that any assymetry, restrictions or even a negative state of mind are all perceived by women everywhere, all day long.

    Basically, how you move makes you an open book. But when you carry yourself the right way, women will be naturally attracted to you.

    Here’s Why You Need To Act Now

    Reprogramming your walk is the hidden attraction code…and once you’ve deciphered it, the veil is lifted right before your very eyes. If you’ve ever felt like you were invisible to women, this is the transformation you’ve been looking for.

    You’re going to walk for the rest of your life. Imagine how many women you walk past every day…every week…over the course of a year. They’re all watching…and they have been all along.

    So what’s it going to be? Will you turn their heads and attract them…or will they even notice you at all? Will you enter into future decades of your life weak and in pain, or full of life and strength?

    Get The Walking Code today and maximize your physical potential as a man…even as you become naturally irresistible to beautiful, sexy women everywhere.

    What's Included In The Walking Code

    $48.50 (50% Off Special)

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    Dating Coach Scot McKay
    In a world full of rehashed dating and seduction advice, James Knight brings completely new ideas...along with the practical steps to set them in motion. This is genius-level technology for attracting women, and it flat-out works.Scot McKay (Dating Coach, Host of The Mountain Top Podcast)
    I have bought other audios from pick up gurus that talk about body language, posture and how women pick up on it. BUT, no one has a system that will cause my body to naturally and subconsciously change its posture. I think you have the real deal here.Steve S. (Parts Unknown)
    Many of my problems, I found, were direct results of my posture. The reason that women didn't notice me, or didn't respond well to me, was because they took one look at me and decided that I was not attractive to them because of the signals my body was giving off.

    The program works instantly. I honestly can say I have never felt such relief from tight and shut-down muscles ever in my life; the stretches make me feel so relaxed, and bizarrely, they make you feel happy. Don't ask me how, but when I've finished a stretch, I can't help but walking around the house smiling to myself because I feel so good.Matt (United Kingdom)
    Just wanted to thank you for your work! I snapped up your offer because I just happened to have pulled my lower back muscles the other week and your stretches have helped me relieve the pain and tension with minimal effort! What luck and timing! I just wanted to say that this alone was worth the price. You should seriously consider selling this in the back pain relief market, too. Those muscles are not easy to get to.Tony H. (Australia)
    Wow, this is amazing. I have your program and everything you say is always so easy to implement and makes perfect sense. Keep 'em coming!Giovanni C. (United States)
    I really have to thank you for your lessons! You are opening my eyes to things about me and my posture that I would have never thought of, but they are really helpful to me. And it's not only about impressing women but also about convincing other people whenever you have a message to give to someone. I will follow-up your courses and I'm really looking forward to the next lessons. All the best and lots of success!Mike (Germany)

    What's Included In The Walking Code

    $48.50 (50% Off Special)

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    It's like I always said...if you can't run, walk.Gale Sayers (Hall Of Fame Running Back, Chicago Bears)