Rise Above

The Unmistakable Swagger Of The KingTake Your Power Back

Have you ever looked into a real, live lion’s eyes?

If so, was it at the zoo or a circus, or was it in the wild…like in east Africa on the Serengeti?

There’s a profound–and striking–difference.

The wild lion pierces you with his sheer swagger.  There’s that quiet, regal resolve that has rightfully earned him the title “King of the Jungle”.

The awe-inspiring fire in his eyes earns him universal respect.  No other creature dares to challenge him.

But the lion that’s subject to captivity soon loses his edge.  That fire in his eyes fades until even the glimmer of hope is quenched.

Before long, all you see when you look into the windows of his soul is the hollow emptiness of shame and defeat.  He’s beaten down…and there’s no fight left in him.

As a man, you were born to naturally assume the swagger of a lion in the wild.

Tragically, more perfectly good, worthy men than ever before feel as if we’re somehow held captive nowadays.  Like lions in a cage, we lose that fire in our eyes.

Our wars are waged in cubicles.  Our purpose is squandered on a computer screen.

We’re constantly told our masculinity is irrelevant at best, if not “toxic” at worst.

Yet, here’s The Great Irony: We give women what they say they want, only to be banished to the “Just Be Friends Zone” in return.

But what you’ve suspected all along is true.  When you boldly reject the assault on your self-worth that threatens your very identity at its core, the fire is rekindled.

You feel more like a man…and your thoughts and actions soon follow.

You regain the power to get what you want and do as you please…purely because you are who the hell you say you are.

You walk into a room and inspire respect.  Everyone around you acknowledges you’ve arrived…even as your influence is felt long after you leave.

You Amaze the masses without even trying…including the beautiful, sexy women every man wishes he could attract.

In the bedroom, you’re bold, confident and dominant…fulfilling every woman’s naughtiest fantasies.

All of that guilt and shame you’ve never quite been able to wrap your head around for years is lifted.

You are downright fearless…all without being a jerk.

And to the King belong the spoils:  The more feminine a woman is, the more powerfully she responds.  After all, you’re now the man she’s wanted all along.

Real, Masculine Power No Longer Has To Be A Pure Fantasy In Your Life

Don't Let Her Down

The definitive line in the sand has been drawn:  Being a masculine man is about character and virtue.

You are not “toxic” because you are male.  You are not part of the “rape culture” problem simply because you are heterosexual.

Being BOLD, POWERFUL and yes…DOMINANT is the most exciting and compelling gift possible to the feminine, similarly virtuous and indescribably sexy woman of your dreams.

It’s time to get real around here.

You already know that being a jerk or even a “bad boy” is wrong-headed.  But being “Mr. Nice Guy” hasn’t worked either.  Most men are simply left in the lurch…running scared.

Is that the trench you’re willing to die in?

We’ve been told our masculinity is not relevant in the way it once was.  And until now, nobody has explained how to be a man TODAY…in the here and now.  We’ve simply been told to stop “manning up”, with no suggestion of what to replace it with.

But you’ve sensed all along that abdicating your manhood role–as it’s been understood for millennia–doesn’t feel right.  That’s because you’ve been lied to.  Your male identity doesn’t need to be replaced.  It simply needs to operate as intended in the fullness of masculine power and dominant energy.

I ask you, does the phrase “dominant energy” make you uneasy?  If so, that’s because of societal conditioning.  The real-world truth is feminine women crave your dominance, as long as its purpose is to inspire confidence and security in the very women you desire.

Yes…you can fully love and respect women, while standing up for yourself as a real man.  It’s all about finding the bold, dominant power that post-modern 21st-century western culture dares to declare “obsolete”.

And today…the answers sought by real men of character who feel good and right about their masculinity are revealed.

What If You Could Live Your Live Believing: "Women Can't Hurt Me...Nor Do They Even Want To."


In a world where most men are more like pussycats, nobody has offered any clue as to how to be lions instead.

That changes right here and right now.

My name is Scot McKay, and I want to welcome you to Invincible.  Depending on who you are, you’ll either stand up and cheer or call the police on me.

In all seriousness, though, this is exactly what most of you have been hammering me for over the past few years.

But it just might be a case of being careful what you ask for, because you’re getting it.

What’s inside this program is so brash and incendiary, you’re most likely going to feel an adrenaline rush of power.  But you may also be utterly appalled.

Ultimately, it’s not for everyone. Some of you will be angered by the truth I throw on the table, while others will be thoroughly transformed and renewed by it.

But either way, you cannot possibly remain the same after experiencing it.

The Most Desirable Women Want You, And Other Men Wish They Could Be You

This needs to be said.  Instead of “sitting down and shutting up”, it’s time to stand up and be counted.

Enough is enough.   Relations between men and women are rapidly deteriorating and the very nature of sexual attraction is under attack.

Matters have escalated in the last few years, therefore the message has to be carefully crafted and delivered loud and clear.

Whether you’re energized and empowered or haunted by the truth, it must be brought out into the open and dealt with before it is TOO LATE for us as men and the women who are cheering us on.

Failure is not an option.

Invincible is about virtuous, benevolent masculine boldness, power, freedom, dominance and yes…victory.

It’s all new, hard-hitting, 100% original and straight to the point.

This time there are no guest experts in the core program…not only by popular demand, but because literally nobody else is bearing this message.

It’s everything I dare not print in my newsletters because too many people can’t handle it, too many people aren’t ready for it and too many people flat-out can’t believe it.

Even more people fight it.  Angry people fear it.

But it’s the truth.  And for once, the just cause is in focus rather than a political agenda.

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What's Included - Core Audios


 Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #1:
Freakish Confidence

It’s the #1 indicator of whether a man will be successful with women or not, and second place isn’t even close.

I’m talking about confidence, of course, and this groundbreaking audio program will empower you to an almost surreal level.

Discover the disarmingly simple steps to bold, bulletproof, “supernatural swagger” that have been hiding in plain sight all along…and from this day forward, take women’s breath away in the best way possible.


The universally overlooked but unquestionable reason why most men fail with women

How to be assertive and when to be…even with women

Why shy guys actually have a distorted view of social interactions (this is shocking)

The golden secret of how men who are successful think about women versus those who aren’t

How women put YOU on a pedestal…and you probably aren’t even realizing it

Why women keep telling you to “just be yourself”, and what they mean by it

The counter-intuitive secret to truly impressing women

Why you have NO competition for the highest-quality women (and you can forget anything having to do with evolutionary biology)



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #2:
Superheroic Boldness

This audio is where I reveal the shocking personal power mindset I developed a couple of years ago that has been transforming guys I’ve coached ever since.

This catalyst for almost instantaneous yet unwavering boldness releases you to stand up for yourself and live a blissful life with women forevermore. (Hint: Hollywood’s leading men almost always portray this mindset, and women LOVE them for it.)

If you’ve ever found yourself believing that women have all the leverage and control in relationships, you’re about to discover the indisputable counter-intelligence you’ve been looking for.


How to snap yourself out of believing women have all the power…all based on plain, practical truth

Why “Mr. Nice Guy” loses, and what to do instead to break that disastrous pattern and win

Most men completely misinterpret women’s “tests”. Here’s how to know exactly what’s going on, making sure you’re never “rejected”.

The #1 most devastating attraction killer that’s prohibiting nearly all men from success with women

Bizarre, counter-intuitive ways women interpret masculine strength where many men see only weakness

The dangerous trap most men fall into which perpetuates the tragic cycle of habitual failure with women (don’t be that guy)



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #3:
Shameless In The Best Way Possible

Far too many guys are crippled by shame and guilt, even when they’re generally considered to be “nice guys” by everyone they know.

What has led to this incongruent state of mind experienced by today’s men? More importantly, what can be done to transform us from shameful to shamelessly successful?

Finally break the bondage of guilt, shame and even fear…standing tall and holding your head up high to the delight of highly-desirable women everywhere.


The weird reason why women crave the very same masculine traits you’re probably suppressing

Angry women have gotten what they wanted from us, but they’re still angry…and still not attracted. Here’s what to do about it.

How to be a masculine leader and decision maker in a way that respects and honors women

What do women mean when they say they want a “vulnerable, sensitive man” who “listens”?

Why the “nice guy vs. bad boy” debate is inherently flawed…and what to do instead

How most men get “p-whipped”…and what will keep it from happening to you

How to lead your family without becoming a “Mr. Nice Guy” doormat

Proof positive that your masculine presence and power is still relevant in today’s world

The sneaky ways post-modernity has conquered and pillaged our masculinity…even as we’ve willingly surrendered

The controversial but nearly foolproof way to find truly optimistic, generous women

Finally, a practical explanation of masculinity and femininity that makes perfect sense



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #4:
Interacting With Women When The Chips Are Down

Simply meeting and attracting women is challenging enough. But what about when the stakes are high and the pressure is really on?

Well, after experiencing this action-packed audio you’ll never again worry about saying the wrong thing…or nothing at all.

What’s more, you’ll discover exactly what to say and do in the most nerve-wracking situations with women that make most mere mortal men wilt.


Why men struggle to talk to women even after meeting them

How to make sure awkward silences never, ever happen

Finally, “two simple words to make women love you” that really work

Help for guys who believe they have to be smooth and cool at all times, or else she’ll run away

The three crucial steps to creating true connection with a woman

Secrets to perfect first date conversation

What it means to be “connectable”, and why it’s so important to your success with women

Is it “love at first sight” or just lust? Probably neither.

How to put an end to “ghosting”, “flaking” and “breadcrumbing” in one easy step

What to do when she starts asking “interview questions”

The devastating mistake mature men make when out with younger women

What to do when she asks, “Is this a date?”

The more beautiful a woman she is, the better this style of conversation works

When you hear “I have a boyfriend” it might actually be a good thing…here’s why

Disarm her defensive “force shield” forever…and never see it again as long as you live



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #5:
Dominant Sexuality

With so much media attention given to “rape culture” and oppression of women in general, how is it that literotica books featuring sexually dominant men fly off the shelves?

In the wake of such confusing messages, can you really know what women want sexually? Well, this audio will empower you to see inside a woman’s sexual imagination and be the bold, dominant man she craves in the bedroom…all with her full, informed consent.

Best of all, you’ll remain 100% authentic, never having to resort to being some sort of “bad boy” or jerk.


A revolutionary way to frame “dominance” that thrills, intrigues and delights women to no end

The shocking hidden truth about women and sex that most men can’t handle

How to flirt in a welcome yet dominant way to spark red-hot attraction

A bona fide game changer for men who believe women don’t like sex

Brilliant ways to ramp up irresistibly tempting sexual tension at record speed

The surprising, ironic way an increasing number of women view sex nowadays (your jaw will hit the floor)

What to do when women shame your masculinity…and how to win them over

The “New Toy Syndrome” and how it ruthlessly destroys men’s chances with women

Two all-important test questions to ask yourself when interacting with any woman you want to attract

Tangible, practical ways to bring out women’s pent-up desire for dominant sexual playtime

How to completely disarm a woman’s manipulative power to withhold sex from you

The “big four” is now the “big five”…and the newest element is mission critical



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #6:
Leap Over Limiting Beliefs

Why do we tend to be so hard on ourselves? And why does self-doubt stick to us so tenaciously…seeming virtually impossible to shake off?

Here’s how to finally get over both internal and external bad programming, including how to crush the single most common (and insidious) limiting belief of all.


How to re-wire your mind so attractiveness becomes an unconscious habit

Three unfair advantages you have 100% control over and can easily cultivate

Why we have so many examples of how to attract women on TV and in movies, yet so few of us do so in real life

Decoding the often confusing ways masculinity and femininity ignite each other

The laughably simple way to be authentically interesting and exciting to women (you’ve probably been overthinking this)

How people trick themselves into letting go of their dreams…and how to avoid that trap yourself

Why it’s so hard to find true happiness…and how to finally do so

How to make women laugh without being a comedian

The truth about attracting women that virtually all writers on masculinity fail to acknowledge



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #7:
Deliberately Choose The Woman You Want

As tragic as it sounds, the overwhelming majority of couples didn’t really choose each other. They merely “settled”.

Don’t let that ever happen to you. Boldly identify and select exactly the woman you want the most…even as a multitude of other guys clamor over her and attempt to impress her.


The hands-down most effective way to get the most amazing, attractive woman you could possibly want…even when other men can’t

How to assertively call out the woman you want…all the while respecting and honoring her and making her want you in return

Why certain women are irresistibly attractive to nearly all men…and how you can harness that kind of power for yourself

The curiously strange reason why even the most confirmed playboys usually end up with one great woman

The fatal mistake that a shocking number of men make that dooms their relationship from the very start

Exposed: The dating advice “system” actually encourages the very same character flaws that keep people single

Why you shouldn’t panic if the two of you don’t share “common interests”…and what to do about it



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #8:
Practical Steps

Mindset and strategy are both mission-critical to being an Invincible man. But how will you actually put it all into motion in the real world?

This audio program is jam-packed with real, actionable steps you can take to become a bolder, more powerful and more attractive man. Find your Invincible power and actively claim the transformation you want.


How to develop the consistent habit of boldly meeting and talking to women

5 fail-safe ways to intrigue and attract more women on a regular basis

How to go from only thinking you’re motivated to real motivation

Why so many men who get all the books and programs still FAIL with women

Foolproof ways to make sure you’re ready when you meet the greatest woman you’ve ever met

Practical, easy steps to looking your best when meeting women

Golden secrets to seeming far younger than you really are…even as the mature man women fantasize about

The surprising, counter-intuitive reason why the most masculine guys often have a harder time keeping girlfriends



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #9:
The Social Charisma Of A Winner

Ever feel lost in a crowd? What if you could make a grand entrance to any social venue and be treated like a king? Better yet…what if you could do so in a completely subtle, under-the-radar kind of way that never appears arrogant or douchey?

All of the important aspects to owning the venue are covered in this practical audio program. Don’t get left standing on the sidelines.


A spectacularly effective way to become the focal point of your entire social circle

How to handle conversations with women in particular when in a group setting

Smooth, calculating ways to deal with painful, awkward social situations

How exactly to walk into a party or other social venue

Where to position yourself relative to other people, and why

Psychological “seeds” you can plant that make people instinctively like you

Genius ways to make small talk…and then quickly get past it

Common questions to avoid asking in conversation (most people never figure this out on their own)

Simple conversation tips that make people crave more of you

Joining conversation with others, and what to do when you’re intentionally distracted or interrupted

Never get socially dominated by a self-perceived “alpha male” ever again

When to arrive at parties or gatherings, and when to leave

The one social situation where you’re virtually guaranteed to own the room



Core AudioAudio + Transcript

Core Audio #10:
How To Be Amazing Without Really Trying

The elusive holy grail of attraction is to have a woman gaze adoringly into your eyes with a bright, glowing smile and utter those two glorious words: “You’re amazing!”

This audio might very well be the crown jewel of the Invincible program, not only because the secrets found within are such potent game-changers, but also because the steps require virtually zero effort. All it takes is a simple, conscious decision to become amazing to everyone you meet.


23 instant, practical ways to be a more impressive, amazing man…starting today

Harness your power to be more likable, attractive and even influential without learning any new skills or doing any “heavy lifting”

How to naturally (and effortlessly) combine elements in order to be exponentially more amazing

Revealed: The ironic way to feel more powerful and actually BE more powerful

Once and for all, what it means to “not take yourself so seriously”, and why it’s so important

The #1 way to suddenly get others to respect you…even if you’ve always been dismissed or even ridiculed

How to capture and personify the ultimate expression of the truly bold, confident, Invincible man


Extra Value Bonuses

Bonus Audio


Be The Dominant Man Women Trust

($27 Value)

My long time friend and colleague Shana James interviews me on how to be dominant in a way women can’t resist, both inside and outside the bedroom.

In addition to inspiring 100% original ideas from me that are as practical as they are shocking, Shana gives you the unmistakably priceless gift of an honest woman’s take on how the female mind responds to the right kind of dominant male.

Bonus Audio


Bold, Confident Flirting

($27 Value)

I’m joined by my friend and YouTube sensation Tripp Kramer for this heavily-requested audio on how to effectively flirt with women.

You want to get women’s attention and inspire attraction, but you want to do so without being sexually pushy or creepy. No worries…Tripp and I have you covered, thanks to simple, actionable advice you can start using today when interacting with any woman.

Bonus Audio


Defeating Shyness Once And For All

($27 Value)

David Hamilton is a professional confidence coach who specializes in the area of social anxiety. In this interview, you’ll discover simple steps to conquering the poisonous mindsets that limit you from being the confident man you were born to be.

You’ll be inspired by David’s personal journey from shy, fearful and socially withdrawn to being the bold, confident man in the Invincible spirit that he is today.

Bonus Audio


How To Get The Ultimate Girlfriend

($27 Value)

Once you are a man who’s Invincible, how do you get the right woman in your life? How do you even recognize her when she appears?

Now happily married and retired from dating coaching, Stephen Nash was the go-to source for how to get an amazing girlfriend for over a decade. You’ll benefit from some of his most profound and evolved teaching in this audio, which was one of his last professional interviews on success with women.

Bonus Audio


7 Insanely Cool Skills Women Love

($27 Value)

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Katherine Albrecht has been gracious enough to invite me on her program probably a dozen times now. She told me that the show this recording is from was her favorite, hands down.

On that occasion, Katherine wanted to dig deeper into a newsletter series I did on what guys can easily learn to do that women just go nuts over. Being the gifted interviewer she is, she got every last secret out of me in this dynamic and entertaining interview.

For your convenience, all the intros and commercials have been edited out for a 100% fluff-free experience.

Bonus Audio


Ultimate Fatherhood

($27 Value)

Join bestselling author Tom Watson and me for a unique discussion on how to be the most amazing father ever…earning the respect of your sons and daughters, even as you raise them to be confident, wise, gritty and ready to change the world.

On top of that, you’ll find out the powerful, almost primal ways that women’s feminine nature is ignited by exactly those traits and characteristics that make you a great dad.

Truly, whether you’re already a father or might become one someday, you’ll find this audio to be immensely valuable.

Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus 1

This is a $225 value by itself… I’m going to extend to you the golden opportunity to pick my brain for a full half-hour. And we’re talking live and person-to-person.

Just to clarify, this is not some group teleseminar. I realize you may have very unique questions and/or sticking points specific to your own experience. This 1-on-1 call with me is your big chance to get custom-tailored answers to your most unique questions along with solutions for your particular sticking points.

This is the most powerful way to kick your results into overdrive. I know that’s the case from tons of coaching experience over the years, which is exactly why I’m opening my schedule to you…all at no extra charge.

But act fast. There are only so many hours in a day, so this bonus is strictly limited to the first 50 men who acquire Invincible.



Fast Action Bonus 2

As a truly special bonus gift to you, enjoy ten full-length audios…one from each of my other popular programs for men.

I have hand-picked these audios specifically to address the most pressing sticking points men face, while–of course–giving you a clear and powerful introduction to each respective program.

This is a $97 value, and it’s all yours as a reward for taking bold, decisive action.



Fast Action Bonus 3

Get the full, uncut edition of my infamous Forbes interview with Frank Miniter…including all of the previously unpublished sections that were deemed too controversial to print.

Gain new insight on the state of manhood in the 21st century, how men and women naturally relate to each other, and unique and powerful ways to counter anti-male sentiment in today’s world…all while respecting and honoring women as a true man of character.



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  •   Emerge victorious in your career, in your social circle and especially in your relationships with women
  •   Boldly claim what you deserve in life...even as others willingly follow your leadership

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    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible Now

    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible For Just $97Add To CartTake 3 Months To Pay

    Be Bold, Confident And Dominant...Without Being A Jerk

    Superhero SwaggerWhether you are in a relationship, looking for the woman of your dreams or want to date multiple women at once, ALL of us as men have something important in common:

    We want to feel powerful and we want to win.

    We all know all too well that feeling of powerlessness and defeat…and how much it SUCKS.

    “Emasculated” is one of the most feared words in the English language.

    And being called a “loser” is the worst insult a man can be subject to.

    Yet, that exhilarating feeling of raw power is more valuable to men than pure gold in the 21st century.

    That’s because it’s somehow harder to come by than ever.

    There’s an all-out assault on your very masculine identity from a more passive pansexual society, a wider social circle of feminized men and even from the actual women we’d like to attract.  We’re left to doubt what it even means to be a man in the post-modern world we live in.

    This is why superhero comics, video games and even spectator sports are so popular with men. They’re fantasies of having our real, visceral power back.

    Yet, the simple fact remains: the one differentiator between guys who get women and those who don’t is bold, masculine swagger.

    Masculinity, to many, is virtually synonymous with power. Power is victorious. And it no longer has to be a pure fantasy in your life.

    I invite you to feel the exhilaration of getting your swagger back. The women in your life will love you for it.

    Claim your copy of Invincible and lift the veil on the truth for yourself. I’ll personally hand you the keys to the Member’s Portal. See you on the inside.


    Be Good,

    Be Good, Scot McKay







    P.S. Still not sure? Ask yourself this question: “How is my confidence level and sense of personal power going to change if I do nothing?” If you continue doing the same things you have always done, you are going to get the same results you have always gotten.

    P.P.S. The Invincible program is 100% digital and you’ll gain access today. No hard products will be shipped.

    P.P.P.S. Remember, I stand by every X & Y Communications program with an unconditional, money-back guarantee for a full 365 days.


    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible Now

    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible For Just $97Add To CartTake 3 Months To Pay

    Man, the previous program (on masculinity) has absolutely blown my mind. It was to the point where at certain stages I had a tear in my eye as these truths were exposed to me. They have just brought so many things into clarity and confirmed many beliefs that I had but had no real grounds to confirm them with, so I questioned their validity. I have already noticed a strong shift in my perception of myself and those around me. As an added bonus, a gorgeous girl who I have been on a few dates with is going absolutely wild for me, and it doesn't even feel like I need to try. I cannot thank you enough! I am really looking forward to what else is in store.Jeremy (Australia)
    Hey, I'm married and I read your newsletters, and bought three of your programs. Your information has helped improve my marriage immensely, and also just talking and dealing with women in the real world. Not that I'm out there trying to pick them up, but knowing how to charm a woman is a great tool to have in life. Thanks Scot, keep up the good work.John (Somerville, NJ)
    You continue to provide real value and I've also referred a few friends to your site over the years. You reinforce the right attitude and provide strong content. It demonstrates character (huh, imagine that). Which means that if I have a need to purchase further dating/relationship material, you're the first source I look to.Bob (Los Angeles, CA)
    Thank you for all of your content. The programs are superb. I love how genuine your advice seems to be compared to a lot of dating advice that’s out there.Damien (Chevy Chase, MD)
    After dating so many, I'm really starting to zero in or what I truly want from my women. I also look back on past dates and think wonderful it's been! Never in my right mind did I ever think I'd be typing this email to you EVER! I've even attached some pictures. These girls are sharp, popular and also choosers. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I'm meeting these women. It's truly wonderful to experience them, and that's not without the other fantastic female friendships I have. I don't where this journey will take me next, but you're still the best decision I made to go for this. Thank you Scot McKay!Justin (United Kingdom)

    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible Now

    Acquire Your Copy Of Invincible For Just $97Add To CartTake 3 Months To Pay